Tripper and Semi-portal Scraper Reclaimer
    The semi-portal scraper reclaimer is designed for operation in a closed storage area which is divided by a longitudinal wall and in the center with box walls as well. The material enters the store on a belt conveyor supported by a frame structure above the pile and it’s discharged into the store by using a tripper. While reclaimer running along the side of the stockpile the material is reclaimed by the scraper chain system and in a constant flow transported onto an outgoing belt conveyor.
    For indoor operation, in most cases the best ration between the building section and the stockpile section is achieved with a semi-portal scraper reclaimer. The height of the retaining wall inside the building is defined to provide full use of the available storage area. Semi-portal scraper reclaimer is the ideal solution for stockyards with limited space or stockyards divided into compartments.

    ● Suitable for all kinds of materials including sticky material
    ● Different types of material can be stacked and reclaimed from separate piles
    ● Store capacity can easily be expanded
    ● Optimum utilization of building when using overhead tripper
    ● Low initial cost