Stacker and Side Scraper Reclaimer
    When homogenizing isn’t a criteria, side scraper reclaimer is used to reclaim material from the side face of the stockpile. The operator will use the reclaimer to trim the side face of  the stockpile into an even angle prior to automatic operation. The reclaimer boom will then be lowered automatically by a preset depth of cut and the reclaimer will move along the pile scraping the material into the outgoing conveyor. The capacity of the reclaimer can be adjusted by variable travel speed control or changing the depth of cut.
    For the non-blending stockpile the side scraper reclaimer is the most economical solution for small stockpile up to 30m. For the stockpile which width is larger than 30 meters the portal reclaimer is preferred.  

    ● Suitable for all kinds of materials including sticky material
    ● Different types of material can be stacked and reclaimed from separate piles
    ● Store capacity can easily be expanded
    ● Optimum utilization of building when using overhead tripper
    ● Low initial cost