Stacker and Portal Scraper Reclaimer
    For the non-blending stockpile which width is larger than 30m the portal scraper reclaimer is the most economical solution. The material enters the store on a rubber belt conveyor either running along one side of the store or supported by a frame structure above the pile. The portal scraper reclaimer consists of a portal frame with one or two scraper chain systems. The portal scraper reclaimer with one scraper chain system is suitable for open store and the portal scraper reclaimer with two scraper chain systems is suitable for covered store. The secondary scraper system lift the material to the crest of the pile, feeding the primary scraper chain system. The primary scraper chain system conveys the material to the outgoing belt conveyor.  

    ● Suitable for all kinds of materials including sticky material
    ● Different types of material can be stacked and reclaimed from separate piles
    ● Store capacity can easily be expanded
    ● Optimum utilization of building when using overhead tripper
    ● Low initial cost