Circular Stacker Side Scraper Reclaimer
    The circular stacker side scraper reclaimer meets the need for system requiring less space for large storage quantities. In circular stockpiles the pile is built up automatically at one end by means of a slewing stacker using the cone-shell stacking method for 360 degrees of rotation. The stacker could be luffing or non-luffing type. Reclaiming is made at the other end by a slewing side scraper reclaimer. The scraper boom advances in a circular movement scraping the inner slope of the pile and conveys the material into a central hopper located under the central column. The side stacker/reclaimer allows for simultaneous stacking and reclaiming and both functions operate independently. All stacking and reclaiming steps are PLC controlled for fully automatic operation. 

    ● Maximum storage capacity on the minimized space
    ● Fully automatic operation
    ● The circular storage with covered doom can meet the stringent environment regulations