Circular Stacker Bridge Scraper Reclaimer
    The circular blending system comprises a luffing/slewing stacker and a bridge type reclaimer rotating around central column. Continuous chevron stacking method was developed for circular blending system.  
    The stacker boom slews back and forth over the curved stockpile ridge in a fan shape arc-typically 120°to ensure appropriate homogenization. At the same time the stacker boom luffs to keep a minimum distance above the crest of the pile for reducing dust emission. Reclaiming at the other end of the pile is effected by a bridge reclaimer working parallel to a radius line. A raking harrow is mounted on the bridge reclaimer which rotates anticlockwise around the center column. The sweeping movement of the harrow system cause the material to slide to the base, where the chain system then conveys it to the centrally placed outlet hopper. The homogenized material leaves the store by an underground belt conveyor below the outlet hopper. 

    ● High continuous homogenizing effect
    ● No end cone problems
    ● Optimum utilization of space
    ● Fully automatic continuous operation