Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer
    Bucket wheel reclaimers or combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimers are used for high capacity stacking and reclaiming of bulk materials. Bucket wheel stacker reclaimers are stacker and reclaimer combined in one machine with bucket wheel boom. It offers a possibility for selective stacking and reclaiming of materials on both sides of the track. The minimization of the total number of machines on a stockyard as well as the reduction of conveyors and trails constitute a great advantage of the stacker reclaimer. 
    When bucket wheel stacker reclaimer works as stacker the belt conveyor in the boom conveys the material received from the incoming belt conveyor to the stockpile. When it works as a reclaimer, as the bucket wheel revolves material is scooped up by the buckets and deposited onto the belt conveyor running in the boom. Then the belt conveyor in the boom transfers the material by means of a chute onto the stockpile reclaiming belt.

    ● Combination of stacker and reclaimer in one unit
    ● Stacking and reclaiming materials on both side
    ●  Low capital cost
    ●  High stacking and reclaiming capacity
    ●  High efficient and low consuming energy