Bridge Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer
    Bridge type bucket wheel reclaimers are ideally suited for applications that require high storage width, high reclaiming rates and high homogenization levels.    Bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer utilizes one or two bucket wheel trolleys with bucket wheel on a bridge which travels alongside the stockpile to reclaim material across the face of the stockpile. The bucket wheel trolley travels to and fro along the bridge. Each bucket wheel is fitted with an oscillating harrow. The harrows are designed to direct the flow of material to the base of the pile, where it is scooped up by the buckets and discharged onto a transverse belt conveyor which delivers it to the outgoing conveyor running alongside the stockpile.  
    ● Homogenizing effect
    ● High reclaiming capacity
    ● Low capital cost
    ● High efficient and low consuming energy