Belt Conveyors

    Flat and Troughed Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyors can be connected to a stacker to stockpile material on either or both sides, or a reclaimer can be used to reclaim and return it to the main belt conveyors. Belt conveyors can be designed for practically and desired path of travel.


    Pipe Conveyors

    The pipe conveyor transports the material in a circular cross section formed by overlapping the belt edges and using idlers arranged in a hexagonal pattern to form a tubular shape. The only area where the belt is open is at the head and tail end area. The belt encloses the product being conveyed and protects the product from the elements and environment. The return belt is also formed into a circular cross section, rolled with the carrying side of the belt inward to prevent material clinging to the belt from dislodging at the return idlers. The pipe conveyor also eliminates the need for transfer points to change direction.